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MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser

MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser

v4.12 (412)-armeabi-v7a by MB Tools
(0 Reviews) April 03, 2024
MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser

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v4.12 (412)-armeabi-v7a
April 03, 2024
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More About MixerBox AI: Chat AI Browser

MixerBox AI (MB AI)
👉 Elevate your browsing experience with MixerBox AI, the ultimate app blending creativity, trust, and privacy. Unveil a new frontier in browsing with MixerBox AI's smart chatbot, powered by ChatGPT.

👉 Explore a plethora of possibilities with 20+ ChatGPT plugins, ensuring personalized and efficient browsing tailored to your needs.

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【Main Features】

🤖️💬 Smart MixerBox AI chatbot
Access instant support for essay writing, text translation, and email composition using MixerBox AI's cutting-edge technology, driven by OpenAI ChatGPT.

💡 Registration-free, free usage of ChatGPT plugin
Simply click on 'MB AI' to engage in AI question-and-answer chat hassle-free. Resolve queries and receive real-time assistance effortlessly.

🌍 New ChatGPT plugins for diverse functionalities
Discover the groundbreaking 'ChatMap' chatbot, powered by Google Maps API, aiding in route planning and offering location ratings and recommendations. Stay informed with 'News', gather insights with 'Browse', and create images with 'ImageGen', among other ChatGPT plugins.

📰 Instant Web Summaries
Effortlessly summarize article highlights with a single click, saving valuable time and enabling quick comprehension.

🗣️ GPT-4 & MixerBox AI VoiceChat
Upgrade to GPT-4 for more creative responses and faster interactions through voice-based conversations, enhancing your chatting experience with MixerBox AI.

🔍 Faster Searching
Enjoy a seamless and expedited browsing experience with smooth loading times, optimizing your search journey.

🔒 Secure Tracking Protection
Protect your privacy by blocking trackers and pop-ups, ensuring a secure browsing environment.

🔐 Private Mode
Prioritize safety with data collection and tracking prevention measures, safeguarding your personal information.

📑 Tab Arrangement
Benefit from a clear UI, facilitating easy monitoring of all open tabs at a glance.

🔎 Personalized Search Bar
Tailor your search bar placement to your preference, creating a customized browsing experience.

🖼️ MB Browser Widgets
Enhance accessibility with a search widget on your home screen, enabling quick access to web searches and private browsing.

This app is officially registered and authorized by MixerBox.

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